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When I became a mom, I was so excited to learn all I could about the challenges of raising kids. I began devouring many popular parenting books...and soon felt totally discouraged. The books advocated parenting with dominance, rather than connection and mutual respect between adults and children. This didn't resonate with me at all.

​A positive parenting path
In my heart, I wanted a positive parenting path based on problem-solving, cooperation, and respect for my daughter. I was grateful to finally find approaches like Dr. Jane Nelsen's Positive Discipline, The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, and Dr. Brené Brown's The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting. These books focus on the reasons behind children's behavior from developmental, biological and social-emotional perspectives.

Amy Knobler,
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

They also share a special common thread: the connection between parents and children. When we really connect with our kids, we set the stage for solving problems, teaching empathy and encouraging new life skills. This is the kind of relationship I wanted to share with my daughter Claire.

With a background as a personal chef, I also wanted to share my life-long love of cooking with Claire as soon as she could walk! We have cooked together for nearly 8 years now. We cherish this special time to connect, while she learns important life skills and discovers how capable she is.

I was enthusiastic to share this with other parents, so I became a Positive Discipline Parent Educator to combine my love of positive parenting tools with my passion for getting kids into the kitchen! I teach parents how cooking with their kids ​can help transform everyday parenting challenges into opportunities for growth and connection in the family. 
​Connecting with my child
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